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Reflect offers counselling, consultancy and training services online (U.K.) and in person (York and Sheffield). Our team of therapists and mental health workers aim to support individuals, charities, organisations and faith groups to become more trauma-informed.


Reflect first began in reaction to front-line workers in churches and charities supporting people without the appropriate training or support for themselves. This often led to staff and volunteers experiencing confusion, anxiety and burnout.


It is not always possible to have a clinical lead or mental health practitioner on team and so it can be difficult for staff to know who to consult. 

Reflect provides a confidential space for coaching and guidance so that people can feel empowered with the knowledge and tools to support others.

Please see our 'services' section for more information.

Meet the Team

Our team is composed of a variety of mental health professionals who specialise in a number of areas, including; trauma, CBT, DBT, safeguarding, suicide intervention, bereavement, anxiety, depression, self-harm and risk-taking behaviours.  We can offer you emotional support, tools, training and advice on best practice and onward referrals. 

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