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Supporting You to Support Others

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Consulting with Purpose

Reflect is a therapeutic consultancy that supports you to support others by offering advice and guidance on mental health, trauma and safeguarding. We seek to empower and equip churches, charities and organisations with coaching, training, and tools to ensure the well-being of all people, including those vulnerable and at risk.

Why We Exist 

Mental health difficulties affect 1 in 4 adults in England,  and experiences of trauma can double the risk of developing a mental health condition. The term ‘trauma-informed’ is regularly used in today’s climate, yet organisations and charities often do not have the time or tools to cultivate such an environment and assess their trauma blind spots. In addition to this, many front-line roles which work with mental health and disclosures can lead to burnout and overwhelm. Reflect Consultancy offers bespoke services that empower staff and volunteers to support others and create a community that thrives.  


What We Offer

Our team of psychotherapists and mental health experts offer a wide range of consultancy services that are tailored for your projects, staff, or volunteers’ needs. Our approach is grounded in psychological methods for developing holistic wellbeing. We offer 1:1 confidential consultancy sessions, as well as group training and management support. 

I had a great experience working with Jess. She provided an excellent course for a small group of us. She was very professional but also warm and friendly, making the group feel at ease. She gave us some brilliant training, leaving us all feeling equipped for what we were dealing with at the time. I couldn’t recommend Jess enough, she’s brilliant!

Sophie Marshall

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